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Our Mission... To Help People In Need By "Connecting The Church With the Community To Improve Lives Through Meeting Spiritual, Economical, Educational, Health & Housing Needs.

Reaching In, Reaching Out, Reaching Up

By setting the God inspired vision to words, TCDC seeks to create a mental picture of the organization by:

  • Reaching In To educate and develop the physical person (family) with tools that will stabilize them for future living
  • Reaching Out To bridge the gap between the church and the community. Ministering to the churched and the unchurched.
  • Reaching Up To provide a spiritual foundation for people to experience the presence of God on earth.


Family FunTanner Community Development Corporation (TCDC) established in 2001, as a response by the African American faith community to proactively address the economical, educational, spiritual, health, and housing needs of the African American community and the underserved in Central and Southern Phoenix. To accomplish this mission, TCDC serves both as a direct service provider and as an intermediary connecting the African American community of need with businesses, government, religious institutions and non-profits to share resources in support of its programs and initiatives.

African Americans in Arizona have the highest rates of death for heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, homicide, HIV, injury by firearms and drug-induced deaths. African American mortality rates for diabetes and hypertension are second only to American Indians. ADHS reports that African Americans in Arizona have the worst overall health status in the state. Dr. Alyssa Robillard (ASU, Assistant Professor of Health) states, "The disproportionately higher rates of disease and death among African Americans that have led to this designation as 'worst' should serve as a call to action" (The State of Black Arizona. Greater Phoenix Urban League. 2008).

Over the course of a year, TCDC provides critical services to nearly 22,000 individuals-producing outcomes in the community that change peoples' lives! TCDC's success is a testament to the broad based, far reaching community outreach system it has developed that includes 34 churches and 60+ organizations and businesses. .

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