Tanner Community Development Corporation

Health & Wellness

TCDC is committed to enriching the quality of African American lives through community engagement and collaboration. We are dedicated to identifying needs and developing prevention strategies that promote healthy decision-making for improved mental health and lifestyle outcomes.


Our youth outreach has been instrumental in substantially reducing substance misuse, particularly of alcohol, marijuana, and opioids, among adolescents in Maricopa County. TCDC will provide initiatives to help individuals deal with the challenges of peer pressure and bullying.


TCDC offers support to seniors in our community, providing them with insights into various exercise techniques and healthy eating alternatives. We also offer guidance on technology to enhance their skills with electronics such as smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we provide transportation to ensure they can participate in senior activities within the community.

Property Development

Tanner Community Development Corporation (TCDC), in partnership with Tanner Properties, is involved in  building affordable housing throughout the greater Phoenix area.

Download your copy of the TCDC Brochure right here: TCDC Brochure