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Promoting Healthy Families

African American Health Disparities Project (AAHDP) Supporting families and communities through resources, referrals, and education to foster health, hope, and healing


Encouraging Family Wellness

The AAHDP is dedicated to helping families grow stronger through evidence-based strategies and training. Our programs are centered on helping improve interpersonal skills, family cohesiveness, conflict resolution, youth resistance skills, and parent training on prevention of underage drinking and marijuana use. We strive to engage our local community by offering educational workshops and providing resources that can help increase knowledge of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) while also increasing participants’ understanding of trauma-informed practices.



Leadership. Community Outreach.

African American Health Disparities Project, is committed to making sure that families have the support they need in order for them to reach their full potential. To this end, our community outreach initiatives focus on increasing access to information about available resources and providing guidance in how those resources can be best utilized. Through these efforts we hope to make a lasting impact on our communities and help secure brighter futures for generations to come.



Dedicated. Staff.

Behind every successful program there must be a team of dedicated staff members that work tirelessly towards achieving the desired results. AAHDP is no different! Our staff puts countless hours into creating engaging activities for groups both large and small, as well as provides valuable support when it comes to navigating through any difficult situations that may arise. This is why we feel comfortable saying that with us you will always have someone who has your back when needed!



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If you are looking for ways you can help strengthen your own family or the families around you, please don't hesitate to contact Tanner Community Development Corporation today! We have a variety of services geared towards individuals from all walks of life, so no matter what stage your family is at right now we will do our best to provide with the tools you need in order move forward positively together.